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Work with James to book your first gigs, craft your comedy material and perform with confidence from the start.

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‘A Confident Start in Stand-Up Comedy’
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Learn from James’ comedy nerdery and uncover the stand-up comedy tips that will help you skip hours of stage time and stand out at your first stand-up gigs.

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Think you’re funny and ready to try stepping foot on stage? James runs comedy workshops designed to boost confidence and provide the knowledge required to write and perform your first stand-up comedy set. Workshop participants are then invited to experience their first gig as part of a ‘New Act & New Material’ night.

“I can honestly say that doing nothing more than following his advice to the letter, I am now booking gigs on a weekly basis, and have even made it into the heat of a stand-up comedy competition.”

Julie-Ann Amos
Stand-Up Comedian & Workshop Participant who went on to be a finalist in comedy competitions: Stand Up For Cider, Southport New Comedian, and SO YOU THINK YOU’RE FUNNY.

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Workshops typically last 4 hours with a break in the middle but can be tailored to suit your needs.